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two questions for electronic parts

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Hey there,

just went through the files and now I have two questions…

(Thank you very much for the new version and especially the new step file! 😊)

1) In the assembly pdf it says the power supply is not sufficient. I mean 5A does not sound too much for six motors… Does that mean I need an additional PSU located outside the bottom box?

2) As far as I can see, all steppers have mks boards attached. But in the bom and the step there are fairly old stepper drivers listed. (I always use tmc drivers by the way… it’s so much smoother and more quiet) The Mks boards are normally attached via adapter plates to normal cnc shields. But can’t we leave the cnc shields and connect the usart interface directly to the Arduino? (Since we don’t use anything else of the shield) Or maybe make use of some serial communication? Which would decrease cable-salad? (As we say in Germany…)

Maybe I’m just on the wrong path but can someone clarify this?