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Hey I'm a new builder. Software dev looking for new hobbies so electronics and 3D printing are adjacent. Looking forward to getting into this project. Thanks Arctos for doing all this work for us to play with. This looks fun. Can't wait to get all my parts and machines here to get started. Going with the Ender Creality v2 pro neo for the printing.

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Really haven't tried printing with petg yet. I used mostly pla. Join us at discord server, there are a lot of folks that can help you. Also if you plan to print that part again, there is a new version with front vents that doesn't need support.

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Hi Guys, i´m also new! 

I will start in a Few days when my extrudr Filament will Arrive.

Also the Bearings will arrive soon. 

I will update the part list with shops (german)


I print with a Bambulab p1p, Filament Extrudr PLA NX2, later i will have a look which parts need more Stronger Material.


Nice Projekt!