What are your print settings?

They are mentioned in Assembly manual.

What print volume do I need to print this robot?

All parts are optimised to fit on a 200x200x200 mm build volume.

My bearings/nuts/bolts don’t fit. What to do?

Please calibrate your flowrate, and do some test prints before printing a large parts.

What to do if my motors don’t work correctly? Buzzing/radnom direction changes etc.

Considering motors are correctly wired with the drivers, it’s most likely that one of the wires are disconnected.
Test them with the multimeter in wire continuity mode.

I’m stuck with the build and can’t resolve issue myself. Can you help me?

That’s ok. Building robots are not so straightforward. It can sometimes be challenging.
Feel free to ask any questions on a discord page.

Do I have customer support for building the robot?

Yes, there is over 400 members on discord channel. There is always someone that can help you when you stuck.

Do I have access to future updates on robotic arm by purchasing this version?

Absolutely yes. If you buy this early version giving support to this project in the most crucial period you will get all the future updates for free.


If you plan to build this robot for professional or industrial purposses, don’t. This is a hobby project. This is not a guarantee that you’ll be able to successfully build the robot, nor source all the parts.
It depends on your own skills and abilities. But if we share our builds to each other we can together
make some awesome units. Sice I also like to learn, this is a win-win situation.

Happy building!