Create your own robotic arm from scratch.

Unveil the comprehensive collection of components necessary to build a DIY 3D printed robotic arm, providing you with everything you need for the ultimate hands-on experience.

DIY 3D printed robotic arm

Full step-by-step guide.

Experience the satisfaction of building your very own DIY robotic arm from scratch with this comprehensive step-by-step guide. Unlock the fascinating world of robotics as you embark on this exciting journey. Let’s dive in and create something amazing!

3D printed robotic arm

Source all the parts.

Discover the convenience of a single file containing all the parts you need to build your very own 3D printed robotic arm. With most parts being standardized and readily available worldwide, you can embark on this exciting project with ease. The total cost of approximately $400 for the parts, sourced primarily from AliExpress and local suppliers, has now been condensed into an affordable kit priced at $270. Experience the joy of assembling your own robotic arm, backed by our extensive support and resources. Unleash your creativity and delve into the world of robotics today!

DIY 3D printed robotic arm


Open source code.

Derived from GRBL, the widely acclaimed firmware utilized in CNC machines, our implementation is specifically tailored to accommodate 6-axis kinematics and diverse motor configurations. Seamlessly compatible with an array of software options, our solution ensures user-friendly operation and flexibility.

3D printed robot arm

Free robot software

Arctos GUI v0.1 beta

ROS CAN bus interface

Run your Arctos robotic arm from RoboDK or ROS. Send CAN messages, simulate and
run toolpaths in a simple way. Free and open source.

DIY robot arm

3D printed robotic arm


Number of degrees of freedom: 6
Maximum reach: 600 mm
Payload capacity: 500 g
Electronics: Integrated Arduino-based system located in the base
Software compatibility: RoboDK, GrblGru, Robot Overlord, Matlab, ROS, Unity (in progress)
Applications: Suitable for education, pick-and-place tasks, and automation purposes